UjiKomKu Kedokteran is an online testing platform providing practice questions based on body system and competency test-style (UKMPPD) questions for medical students.


Benefits for medical students:

  • to test your knowledge and readiness for the actual UKMPPD competency test
  • help you practice and familiarize yourselves with the UKMPPD format, and answering in a computer-based environment
  • enable you to mark and repeat questions you have failed or are uncertain of


Each question comes with

  • an answer key
  • rationale for correct and incorrect answer options
  • a reference for further reading


The following books provide complimentary access to UjiKomKu Kedokteran:


Crash Course Farmakologi

Crash Course Sistem Kardiovaskular

Crash Course Kardiologi dan Kelainan Vaskular

Crash Course Kedokteran Respirasi

Crash Course Sistem Saraf

Crash Course Neurologi

Crash Course Psikiatri

Crash Course Sistem Endokrin, Metabolism & Nutrisi

Crash Course Sistem Gastrointestinal, Hepatobilier & Pankreas

Crash Course Sistem Indra (Mata & THT)

Crash Course Dermatologi dan Venereologi

Crash Course Sistem Ginjal dan Saluran Kemih

Crash Course Reumatologi dan Orthopaedi

Crash Course Obstetri dan Ginekologi

Membaca EKG Cara Mudah 9e

150 Kasus EKG

Diagnosis Klinis Macleod

Bedah Berbasis Kompetensi


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